Sarah Katz

President, Spaulding Ridge Senior Managing Partner and President, Spaulding Ridge

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Sarah Katz has more than a decade of experience working in the SaaS space. She has led the implementation of cloud applications in a wide range of businesses and organizations, from enterprise to start-up. Her international and financial knowledge, as well as in-depth knowledge of the CFO office, has helped companies improve efficiency and make better decisions faster. 

A traveler and nomad, Sarah has lived in many areas of Chicago, where Spaulding Ridge is headquartered, as well as in San Francisco, Seattle, and London. Currently based in New York, she took up the mantle of President in September of 2021.  

One of her first initiatives at Spaulding Ridge was to advocate for women in tech, which led to the creation of WomenElevate (WE) and the goal of hiring (and maintaining) a company that’s at least 40% female. Sarah is also interested in emerging technology and is a member of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society to continue to learn more about what is coming. 

Sarah began her career at ABN AMRO after graduating from Marquette University with her bachelor’s degree in International Business and Finance, after which she moved to Blue Stone International, Jay Laabs’ first company. In her six years at BSI, she continued to evolve in her career from consultant to management and then market-facing. When BSI was acquired by Huron, she became a Director, then Senior Director, focusing her passion and dedication on helping her clients scale or change using technology.

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