Mike Mothersbaugh

VP, North America Enterprise Sales, DocuSign

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Mike is a High Tech and growth-oriented Sales Executive, General Manager and a broad-scale leader with a career-long record of leading high-performance teams within high growth businesses at multi-billion dollar sales organizations (including Salesforce, Oracle, and Siebel over the past 25 years). He has led growing businesses across multiple industries including High Tech, Manufacturing, Retail, Business Services, Real Estate, Construction, Telco, Media and HLS.

Mike is currently the VP of North America Enterprise Sales for DocuSign where he helped DocuSign through a very successful IPO and is responsible for all growth revenue as well as a focus on Customer Success, Adoption and Retention across DocuSign's Fortune 1000 Customer base.

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Opening Keynote: If Your Enterprise System Could Talk, What Would It Say?

13 June 2023, 03:10 PM
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