David Schroeder

Director of Commercial Finance, A10 Networks

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David Schroeder is a finance professional who graduated from Butler University with a B.S. in finance. He began his career with Belden Inc. as a financial analyst, where he managed the $70 million Canadian P&L for their enterprise business. Prior to this, he had interned with Belden for two years while in school, completing various projects and providing standard reporting. In March of 2017, David was promoted to interim finance manager of the enterprise EMEA P&L, where he managed a $100 million P&L with three plants and a sales force spread across Europe and the Middle East. He then moved on to become the global sales controller within the enterprise platform, where he focused on Belden's acquisitions, Grass Valley, and implementing standard work within the sales controlling function. With his experience in various business segments and regions, David accepted a role as the investor relations analyst in the corporate office, where he assists with all earnings release related materials, attends roadshows with investors, and provides valuation and peer analysis to the senior leadership team.

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Reinventing Revenue with A10

13 June 2023, 08:30 PM
Ryan Tomchek David Schroeder